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Sports massage is great for both the professional and amateur athlete. So what is sports massage? Sports Massage is basically massage done with the interests of the athlete or of a particular sport in mind. Many of the techniques used in a sports massage session are the same as those employed in Medical Massage but are applied with a slightly different emphasis or purpose.
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Sports Massage can be used for specific goals. For instance an athlete might receive massage just prior to competition. Some of the pre-event techniques can help to warm up or otherwise prepare the athlete for optimal performance. Sports massage can also be useful after competition. Post-event massage can be helpful in speeding recovery. Some athletes who compete in multi-stage or multi-day events find sports massage essential to keeping them going and working at their peak. Many sports teams have a trainer/massage therapist on staff that goes with them on the road so that they can receive massage treatments wherever they are competing.

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Sports massage can help with:

One goal of sports massage is to stay ahead of injuries and adaptive compensations. Many sports have reasonably predictable side effects on the body. Massage therapy can help combat the common issues and injuries that occur due to the repetitive nature of many sports. Sports massage delivers relief from minor strains and sprains to overused elbows and knees to hard worked legs and shoulders. Regular massage treatments can help prevent injury, keeping you moving and training pain free.

Another goal of sports massage is to maximize performance. Helping the athlete find that little extra bit of movement or explore their power range and improve it. Sports massage can help improve a wide variety of movement issues and restrictions. Increased mobility and functional range of motion is a major goal of sports treatments. By incorporating sports massage as a regular part of their training routine an athlete can gain an advantage in flexibility, range of motion, power and awareness. Sports massage can give you an edge that could prove to be a game changer. To learn more about athletes and massage take a look at the page on Athletes.