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Loveland Orthopedic Massage Therapy offers the best in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Swedish and Deep Tissue Therapies are combined with Neuromuscular, Myofascial and Triggerpoint Techniques to create a unique experience for each client. In this way each session is individually catered to your meet your specific goals. Focusing on your needs, treatment plans can include anything from helping manage chronic pain to simple relaxation.

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Massage Therapy can bring relief from
common musculoskeletal problems:

Medical Massage for Pain and Injury Recovery

If you are one of the many who suffer from constant daily pain then learn how massage therapy can help to relieve Chronic Pain. If you have had an injury or you have recently had a surgery that you are trying to recover from then read about Injury Recovery. Orthopedic and Medical Massage are just the ticket for those suffering from a variety of common issues. So if you are looking for relief from chronic pain or trying to rehab an injury then you need look no further.

Sports Massage for Athletes

Athletes of all ability levels can benefit from massage and bodywork treatments. By improving functional mobility while at the same time helping to speed recovery Sports Massage can help to maximize athletic performance. These days every team training room as well as most health clubs and gyms have a therapist on hand helping athletes to improve their game. Both professional and amateur Athletes agree that there is nothing better after a hard workout to help with recovery and relaxation. So if you are looking to gain an edge on the competition or simply play longer and more comfortably then schedule your session today!

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Therapeutic Massage can help
with injury and surgical rehabilitation:


Massage Therapy for Health Maintenance

Regular therapeutic treatments are an integral part of any preventative health maintenance program. Not only that, but Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to help you relax and feel great! So whether your goal is to lower your stress level, manage chronic pain, improve your sports performance or simply relax your sore tired body, Loveland Orthopedic Massage Therapy has just what you need. Conveniently located in the Boise Summit Building across from Mckee Medical Center, in Loveland CO. Call, email or text and make your appointment today!


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Alfred Westlake has been my wonderful massage therapist for at least 15 years. He is extremely knowledgeable, well-trained, and experienced regarding the art and science of this treatment. I have tried numerous other therapists and Alfred is "simply the best." Not only has he helped with routine stress relief and relaxation, but he also has come to my aid with special techniques when I suffered with sciatica and shoulder impingement syndrome. He exhibits the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. I cannot recommend him more highly.
Brenda O'Reilly
Brenda O'Reilly
15:55 21 Jan 18
I have known Alfred for way too long, lol. His skills and knowledge of musculoskeletal relationships is excellent. He is able to find and help issues as well as offer advice for avoiding more problems.He is a consummate professional and is always learning and staying "on top of his game." His respect in the field of orthopedic massage is tremendous.
Lance Touve
Lance Touve
16:30 21 Jan 18
Alfred is very generous with his time sharing his experience and promoting the profession.
jerry hesch sr
jerry hesch sr
15:39 21 Jan 18
Les T
Les T
15:47 21 Jan 18