Arm Flush

     This is for all of you Carpal Tunnel sufferers, or anyone who experiences arm or hand pain. The perfect thing for all you computer jockeys.

     Get two large tubs, large enough so that you can immerse your arms past the elbow. Some Epsom salt and ice. Fill one tub with ice water. And the other with hot Epsom salt water. Make the hot water as hot as you can stand without burning yourself. Use at least two cups of salt.

     Start with the hot water. Get as much of your arm as you can into the water. The muscles that work the hand go all the way past the elbow. After 3 or 4 minutes, plunge your arms into the ice water. This will be intense but try to keep your arms immersed for at least 4 minutes for the best results. Then back to the hot water for a few minutes this will be difficult at first but will feel real good after a minute. Then back to the cold. Repeat this process Three times.

     After this treatment your arms will feel incredible, as if a very tight glove has been removed. It works by alternately constricting and dilating the circulatory and lymph systems while the salt draws out the toxins and inflammation.

     As with all of the tips at this site you should consult a physician as to the appropriateness of this technique for you.